SSM Rehab Homeward Bound

SSM Rehab Homeward Bound at The Riverview offers a distinct advantage for patients, the Homeward Bound rehab center is conveniently located on the campus of The Riverview Care and Rehabilitation Center. Patients enjoy spacious, private rooms furnished to accommodate friends and family with an at-home atmosphere, and a large, brightly decorated gym.

Rehabilitation Care for Every Need

Homeward Bound is of an integrated network of rehabilitation services offered by SSM Rehab, the premier rehabilitation services provider in the St. Louis region. This means patients have convenient access to coordinated care for every rehabilitation need. When a patient’s needs change, SSM Rehab’s fill continuum allows patients to seamlessly transition to the next level of care.

Specialized Services

Physical Therapy

Designed to increase mobility, muscle strength and performance, and joint motion and balance.

Occupational Therapy

Focused on regaining greater independence with daily living skills, such as eating, dressing and personal care.

Speech Therapy

Helps with rebuilding speech, communication, memory and cognitive skills, and swallowing.

Skilled Nursing

24-hour-a-day medical care, support and education provided by nurses licensed and certified in IV medication, pain management, wound care and orthopedics.

Physical Care

Rehabilitation and medical care is directed by a psychiatrist, a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As medical director for the program, the physiatrist works closely with The Riverview’s medical director, the patient’s primary care physician, and a dedicated team of nurses and therapists.